About Us



Welcome to Tunnël Vision7!

Our Founder is an amazingly talented woman who believes style is knowing who are and what you want to say. She has always had an eye for finding amazing items that are not only stylish, affordable, but have an air of luxury to provide to those who were in need of those items. After deciding to have tunnel vision (focus on making her dreams of having an online boutique); she created Tunnël Vision7. 


Tunnël Vision means never give up on making your dreams and the number 7 is to remember to stay focus on your dreams and reality and you will achieve those personal dreams of success.


We at are Tunnël Vision7 are passionate about our customers receiving products with highest quality of luxury that have a pop of edge.


We hope you will find your favorite products and to see you as our returning customer.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us: info@iamtunnelvision.com.  

Thank you for visiting us.